The Origami Poems Project has been publishing free microchaps of poetry since 2009.  We're a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation registered in the State of Rhode Island with our 501(c)3 Non-Profit Federal designation as of 2013.

Free Poetry is our mantra... trying to help the world one microchap at a time.

  • Send your work of one (1) to six (6) poems.  We prefer original work but will consider (include) previously published poetry that may enhance or complete the collection submitted. 
  • Read some of our current publications presented on the home page to see the format best suited to our microchaps.  We've included poems of single line length to multi-line fictional efforts. 

    We prefer work that is not exceedingly dark, depressive, or relentlessly violent and/or abusive.  In other words, open the window and give us some air and light by the time we've completed our journey with your work.

  • Only original, unpublished poems (as of our publishing) are considered eligible for our Pushcart Prize nominations at the end of the year (closing date for these nominations is December 1st so keep this in mind).
  • Ends on March 5, 2017
    Opens:  Thursday, December 15, 2016
    Closes:  Sunday, March 5, 2017

    Submit up to 2 (two) original & unpublished poems on Kindness. If your entry does not relay some understanding of the meaning of Kindness it will fall from selection.  Poems may be up to 2 pages.  (We will accept work posted on your personal blog site.)

    Identifying information on the poem itself will disqualify the poem from consideration. (Don't include your name or contact information in the file name, header/footer or title page to allow for blind reading.)

    Include a brief, one paragraph bio with your entry, including your mailing address. 

    Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but notify us ASAP if accepted elsewhere.

    There is No Fee required to submit to this contest.  However, we offer no monetary awards either!  Winning poems will be published in our 'Best of Kindness' anthology.

    Winning poems (1st, 2nd, 3rd & Honorable Mentions) will receive a copy of the contest anthology (published via Amazon).

    Note:  Not all entries will be included in the Anthology, 'Best of Kindness,' but if your work is selected, a copy will be offered at cost + shipping & handling.  We make every effort to keep the S&H fee minimal.

    Results will be announced in our April Origami Poems Newsletter but we will notify all entrants prior to this time whether their poems have been included in the collection.
    Our Finalist Judge is poet, Mary Ann Mayer. 

    Mary Ann Mayer is the author of Salt & Altitudes (Finishing Line Press 2014) and the collection, Telephone Man, she is a member of the Ocean State Poets and has published microchaps with the Origami Poems Project. Her work has been widely recognized and includes Boston’s Grub Street poetry prize, Tupelo Press and River Styx finalist as well as the honorable mention in Bauhan Publishing’s May Sarton Book Contest.