-   General Submissions Are Now Open (Sept.)   -

The Origami Poems Project has been publishing microchaps of poetry since 2009.  This is our 11th year providing free poetry!  We're a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation registered in the State of Rhode Island with our 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Federal designation as of 2013.

Free Poetry is our mantra... trying to help the world one microchap at a time.  

We prefer & encourage original work but if previously published, provide details.  Each microchap is printed on a (US) standard 8.5 x 11" page (as a PDF) and folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized booklet. Your work should accommodate these settings.  If in doubt, see our website, www.origamipoems.com to view or download/print a microchap.  

In case you're wondering:  Each microchap "page" allows 47 characters per line including spaces.  For longer-lined pieces, three (3) reading pages are available with 107 characters per line.  Each page accommodates 25-27 lines.

Please submit the poems in a Word document, if at all possible!  There is no fee and the microchaps are free to download and enjoy.  Folding instructions are here (found on the website under 'Who We Are.')

Please wait 3 months between submissions (we close July - August.)


And, yes, donations are gratefully accepted - no matter how small.  Believe us, it is most helpful and appreciated! We have a PayPal account for any random acts of generosity - see our Donations page or follow this Link.

  •   Send your work of one (1) to six (6) poems.  We prefer original work but certainly consider previously published poetry.  Be sure to include acknowledgments.  

Download a microchap to see how the poems fit on the single-page PDF.  The collections range from Haiku length to multi-line fictional efforts.  

We prefer work that is not exceedingly dark, depressive, or relentlessly violent and/or abusive.  In other words, open the window and give us some air and light by the time we've completed our journey.

  • Only original, unpublished poems (as of our publishing) are considered eligible for our Pushcart Prize nominations at the end of the year (closing date for these nominations is December 1st so keep this in mind).
  • If we do not publish your submission, take heart and submit in 4-6 months time.  Many poets have published many microchaps over the years...  feel welcome.

About 4 times a year we send out a newsletter through MailChimp and will let everyone know about the latest microchaps. 

Origami Poems Project